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Unicorn Plush

Our Unicorn Plush are obviously the best item related to unicorns. It is  great to cuddle with these because of their fluffy and bounced body. Yes, these articles are specially made to be your ideal companion at night. Besides, they protect you from nightmares or monsters, so you will be safe while asleep with a unicorn by your side. How wonderful it will to get so close of a unicorn and to be able to have it as your friend ?

What makes our unicorn plush so fantastic ?

We crafted our unicorn plush to look like real unicorns. These stuffed magical animal have a cute look and a beautiful horn on their forehead. You can have them as your best friends and carry these around everywhere you go. They will remain faithful and won't betray you. Besides, you will never feel alone in your room because you have a unicorn to play with all day.

Our unicorn plush are also created with soft and delicate material. These will give you a pleasant touch. Plus, we designed our products to have a fluffy body. You will be able to cuddle with such an item at anytime. Most of our articles are colorful and can be used as decoration for your place as well.

You can have this unicorn plush as your ideal companion for bedtime. Indeed, unicorns will protect you from monsters under your bed and will chase away nightmares. They will lead you into the marvelous world of dreams.

Why do you need to get a unicorn plush ?

Our unicorn plush are a reflection of real unicorns which are wonderful creatures with amazing capabilities. By having unicorn plush in your room, these will bring magics into your space. Their shiny colors create good vibes and add a unique style too. You can put these near your dolls or your favorite toys.

These unicorns plush all have a cute and adorable face. You will never get tired to see these in your room. By looking at their face, they will steal your heart instantly. You will not be able to get your breakfast without carrying your plush with you, and that's not a problem. Why ? Simply because your parents can not say "no" to unicorns.

For parents who want to buy an original gift for your children, do not hesitate to get a unicorn plush. This kind of item is ideal for birthdays or for surprising your little angels at anytime. By doing so, you will certainly brighten his (her) day because everyone loves unicorns.

How our unicorn plush are made ?

We crafted our unicorn plush with high quality material to give you the best product. All of our collection of plush are made with soft cotton. That will give you a pleasant touch and a warm feeling when you cuddle with these. Moreover, the tissue does not stain nor degrade over time. To maintain their quality, you can wash these items with cold water and air dry.

The endearing face of our unicorn plush will make you fall in love with these. You can get a model which has sleepy eyes or closed ones. There are also different articles which have sparkly colors and have light inside. That will illuminate your room and transform an ordinary place into a marvelous space.

Discover our other collections

The World of Unicorns has much more items other than unicorn plush. For example, you can purchase unicorn toys which are beautiful as real unicorns. You can play at anytime with these and enjoy playing with your other friends. Besides, the "unicorn ride on toy" will give you the possibility to ride on the back of a unicorn. Those who like to swim can get a unicorn float. This collection is suitable for both children and adults. You will not have to worry using these because these will protect you in the water pool.

There are Unicorn Plaything too. You will find everything you need to make your kid super happy with a lot of different unicorns items to play with. It will be perfect for a birthday gift or to decorate any room in your house.