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Unicorn Inflatable Costume

Are you looking for the perfect item to become a magical animal ? Our Unicorn Inflatable Costumes will transform you into a real unicorn. These will make you able to lead your own team of unicorns. Plus, you will share joy and happiness to all your friends and everyone around while wearing these.

You can put a unicorn inflatable cloak for birthday parties or any special event. Besides, all your unicorn friends will consider you as their chief and will follow you everywhere. It is time for you to show them how cool you are with these disguises.

What makes our unicorn inflatable costumes so awesome ?

All our products are made with love and care. Our unicorn inflatable costumes are really cool because of their lovely colors and their shape. We designed these to look like a unicorn with the horn and the mane, so you can transform yourself into this magical animal. You can finally become the unicorn you always dreamed of.

These products are crafted with polyester, a quality material which do not scratch. They remain brilliant and do not stain over time. You can keep your costumes for years ahead. You are free to use these to bring the magic of unicorns anywhere and anytime. These disguises are suitable for any events which make these so fantastic.

Our unicorn inflatable costumes are really cute to wear and everyone will love spending time with you. They will give an adorable style to anyone who use these. In other words, they are definitely the perfect style for everybody who aspires to be unicorn leaders.

Unicorn inflatable costumes : how to use ?

Even if it is the first time you use a unicorn inflatable costume, we assure you will not have difficulties to employ this kind of item. All you need to do is to wear one that will fit to your body. There is a transparent space, so you can see everyone around you while you are inside these cloaks.

It is also possible to wear other amazing items with these disguises. For example, you can get a unicorn shoes with your costumes and walk like a real magical animal. How wonderful it will be to have a complete set of items ? You will be able to enter the fabulous World of Unicorns will all of these.

Everybody wants to fly like a unicorn. Speaking of this incredible creature, we have unicorn cloaks with wings too. These will take you directly into the fabulous World of Unicorns by flying. Those who want to be on the back of this creature can buy a unicorn ride on an inflatable costume.

What unicorn inflatable cloak is suitable for you ?

Fortunately, we have a bunch of unicorn disguises, so you can choose which one will fit to you. For grown people, you can purchase adult inflatable unicorn costumes. Depending on your size, you have the possibility to buy a model that fit to someone with 6.2 feet to 7.5 in height.

Children can also get a super cool unicorn inflatable cloak to match their size. Indeed, we have products that fit to a boy or a girl with 3.3 to 4.5 feet in height. Absolutely no one will feel left out and everybody can now realize their dreams of becoming a unicorn.

We do not forget to mention that you can choose the color you want. There are many models with beautiful body shades like white or pink. The mane and the tail also have a captivating color with rainbow or purple effects. You can even purchase a black unicorn inflatable costumes which will transform you into the rarest version of this magical animal.

Discover our other products

Aside from the costumes, you can also purchase other amazing items to satisfy your needs. If you are looking for a gift for your little daughter, we recommend you to get a unicorn headband for her. This will make her really happy because she will officially be a member of a unicorn's team.

Our Unicorn Accessories is perfect for those who want to receive the mark of power. These products are indeed ideal to gain all the respect of your unicorn friends and become their leader. Moreover, you will receive all the energy of this mythical creature.