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Unicorn Headphones

Unicorn Headphones are obviously the coolest accessory out there. These have a really nice design and lovely colors. You will look like a real unicorn wearing one of these. Besides, our items have an amazing audio quality to let you enjoy your favorite music all day.

What makes our Unicorn Headphones so amazing ?

Our unicorn headphones are made to have a unique style. Yes, we design these with a horn and ears, so you can look like a real unicorn while using these in the streets. They will give a cute style anytime you use these. You will have an amazing style wearing such an accessory and all your friends will envy you.

Plus, unicorn headphones have lovely colors and really cool features. Most of our articles have glitters which give these an incredible look. You will definitely shine like unicorns and create joyful atmosphere around you. Everybody will immediately notice how cool you are with these items.

Our unicorn headphones will be a good match for other unicorn items. For example, you can use these with hoodies or slippers in order to have an amazing unicorn look. That will give you an original style when you go to school or when you are with your friends. You will transform yourself into a real unicorn, how wonderful it will be ?

How comfortable are our unicorn headphones ?

We crafted our unicorn headphones to look amazing, but these remain really comfortable as well. We put soft earpads made with synthetic leather on these to get a pleasant feeling. This kind of padded cushions is so comfy and your ears will not hurt at all when you wear it. That gives you the possibility to use these for long time without any stress.

These products are also super light and do not make you feel tired while listening to your music. You can indeed have these all day and enjoy any musical contents you like. The headband of our unicorn headphones are adjustable to fit perfectly to your head. That will enhance the comfort. They are also durable and can last for years ahead.

That's not all, the audio quality of these headphones are so good. You will be able to enjoy your favorite music every day, and everywhere you go. Of course, you can use these at school, family trips or during a get together with your mates. They are going to change the way you listen to your music.

Who can use unicorn headphones ?

Everyone loves unicorns, and these headphones will turn into a unicorn. These articles are not just for children, but to anyone who wants an amazing style. With a horn, they will grant you the power of unicorns. You will be able to brighten someone's day and share happiness around you. Anyone who stands next to you will immediately feel a surge of happiness since you have unicorn's power.

All of our articles can be used by both children and adults. These are also compatible with any devices, whether it is on your Smartphone (android or iOS). You can use these on your tablet, kindles or computers as well. You can connect these with a jack plug. Some models can even be paired by Bluetooth, so you can move freely and dance.

You can definitely buy a unicorn headphone and offer it for your mates. It will be the perfect gift for your little girl or boy. They will certainly love because these of their incredible design. Their glimmer effect and shiny colors will add a joyful touch to their look. They will lose themselves in songs and audiobooks related to the World of Unicorns.

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Apart from unicorn headphones, we also have Unicorn Tattoos that can be suitable for all unicorn lovers. They will give you the possibility to bring unicorns with you everywhere you need to go.

Unicorn backpacks also have unique design and shiny appearance. You will always have a unicorn with you while using these. We created these to be really comfortable because the shoulder trap are adjustable. Because of their original style, your children will consider themselves as a real unicorn.