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unicorn gender

What gender are unicorns ?

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Unicorn is one of the most beautiful and fascinating creature. Depicted as a legendary animal which hold tremendous powers, this being remains popular until now. For that reason, many people ask what gender are unicorns ?

As for other animals, there are male and female unicorns. Male unicorns tend to have a bigger body and female look like rainbow horses. In other words, their size and color can define their gender identity.

So, if you meet this magical animal, and you want to discern whether it is a male or female unicorn, take a close look at its physical appearance. This way, you will be able to distinguish its gender. In this article, we are going to tell you more about this topic and lead you into the wonderful World of Unicorns.

What is a unicorn ?

what is a unicorn

Through times and generations, there were always stories that state the existence of unicorns. These mysterious animals are considered to have a unique horn. They are so unique that many people always wanted to encounter one in the Forest.

Yes, these mythical creatures possess amazing abilities such as healing power or disappearing in an instant. It is almost impossible to meet one because they were shy from people's sight. Plus, unicorns only show themselves to rare individuals who are pure and innocent. Some stories even say that only virgin women can have a chance to attract one because of their pureness.

Unicorns are such wonderful beings and it is the dream of many people to encounter. So, if you ever have the opportunity to see one, even in your dreams, consider yourself to be among the luckiest humans. A simple meeting, or even a sight of this legendary creature can attract fortune and wealth to you.

Are unicorns real ?

Throughout history, legends of unicorns emerge in every part of the world. Indeed, the stories of this animal are not only based on Western culture, but these come from many other countries.

For example, in China, the unicorn is among the 4 great and sacred animal like the Dragon, the Turtle and the Phoenix. There are many representations of this magical being in ancient Chinese drawings. People who live during these periods worshiped this creature for its amazing capabilities.

beautiful unicorn

That is not all, do you know that this strange animal was also represented in India ? Yes, Indian believe that there is a marvelous, yet powerful creature which has a unique and long horn living in the forest. They considered it as a divine beast that directly comes from the heaven.

Even if there is no scientific evidences about unicornsn, if they really existed or not, the idea of this magical creature does not disappear. In Scotland, people love this animal so much that they chose to put it as one of their national symbol. Why ? Because unicorns are powerful enough to protect against evil.

Are unicorns female or male ?

are unicorns male female or male

It is a good question. As an answer, there are male and female unicorns. However, discerning the gender identity of this strange being is not easy. There are some traits which can help you to distinguish them.

What does a male unicorn look like ?

According to legends, male unicorns look like a horse-like animal with a spiral horn. Their size are bigger than normal horses, and they have tremendous capabilities. They can run really fast, so it will be impossible to track them. Other myths state that they are a special version named Pegasus of it which is capable of flying.

It is believed that male unicorns are the leaders of a unicorns'team. Their strength is unmatchable, and they are the perfect representation of domination. Remember that unicorns are the strongest animal ever living even if they are not harmful.

How a female unicorn is described ?

how a female unicorn look like

Female unicorns tend to be slimmer than the males. Their hypnotic beauty make them one of the most attractive creature on earth. Most of them seem to have rainbow colors. Their tails and manes are also shinning. Although they do not lead a team, they remain as strong as male unicorns.

It is good to know that female unicorns represent purity, grace, innocence. That is why they are related with the virgin image because of their pureness. Their horn can detect if someone is lying or not.

How babies unicorn grow ?

how babies unicorn are born

Cute unicorn babies are everywhere. You can see them in dreams, visions, cartoons and in famous children animation. But, have you ever wondered how they are born and how they become adults ?

There are 3 stages of growing up for unicorn babies :

  • First, they are born and raised ;
  • Second, they learn from their unicorn parents various skills;
  • Finally, they become powerful and independent adult unicorns.

Baby unicorns being born

born of babies unicorn

Unicorns are magical animals that live in the Forest, woods and many other places. Just like other mammals, they carry their babies inside their wombs and give birth to beautiful babies. As soon as the little ones come out of their mother, they can walk and run. Yes, they are already able to move and follow their parents.

However, there are people who believe that unicorns are not like normal creatures. They do not need to procreate and their babies seem to come out from the rainbows. Although there is no evidence of this statement, we can say that the origin of unicorns remains mysterious for mankind.

Baby unicorns learning various skills

how baby unicorn grow up

Unicorn babies grow really fast. Their foods are mainly the rainbow itself, and they are really fond of it. Stories say that they dwell in the end of the rainbow and stay there until they are strong enough to go around. During this time, they play together and enjoy spending time between them. Those who are lucky enough to have wings eventually learn how to fly around.

During that period, baby unicorns slowly become independent of their parents. They gain strength and magical abilities such as running really fast or disappearing from anyone's sight. That is why only a few people have reported to have seen a unicorn in their lifetime.

Baby unicorns becoming independent

adult unicorns

At a certain age, baby unicorns gain more and more strength are completely independent. Their parents are no longer assisting them because they are adults. Then, male and female unicorns begin to wander around the world to discover it and bring their magics into different places.

Back in the Middle Ages, people used to believe that unicorns live in the deep woods. They are even depicted as the forest's spiritual animal. They do not show up to ordinary people because of their pureness. At the same time, they can walk around and are a representation of freedom. Nobody can tame a unicorn.

What are the magical powers of unicorns ?

unicorn magical power

Unicorns are depicted to be horses of healing. Why ? Simply because anyone who gets a chance to touch or hold a unicorn's horn can regain instant healing. This is why people back in the Middle Ages, were so fascinated about finding this mysterious animal. They wanted to treat any disease with alicorns (other name of unicorns' horn).

In the Jewish folklore, unicorn is a divine beast capable of marvelous things. For example, it can split up mountains in two just by walking. At the same time, this gracious being is considered to be a reflection of Christ himself in the Christian world. That is the proof how important this animal is, even in the religious domain.

One of the most common unicorn power is to disappear from anyone's sight. For this reason, only a few people can get a chance to encounter it. Unicorn is also the Guardian of the Forest. Besides, it does not harm any living creatures, even plants or grasses. When it moves, unicorn prefer to walk on water or fly so it can not crush other beings.

What type of unicorn are you?

what type of unicorn are you

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cute unicorn costumes

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unicorn clothes

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amazing unicorn sweat

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