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unicorn representation

What do unicorns represent ?

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Have you ever wondered what do unicorn represents ? Yes, this is a mysterious animal which have been touted to be among the most beautiful being. Still, there are many questions that remain unanswered about it.

Through history, unicorns represent purity, beauty and wealth. This type of animal also symbolizes power and magnificence according to some legends. In the Christian religion, it can be referred to Christ himself.

Although there can skeptics about the existence of unicorns, we cannot deny the fact that this being is not a normal creature. Its horn holds great power and is the source of its strength. What else ? Unicorns are always depicted to have healing power, that makes it so unique.

What do unicorns represent in the Bible ?

unicorn symbolism

As incredible as it may sound, the Bible mentions unicorns many times. This book describes it as a unique animal which has divine abilities. The scriptures even compare it as a representation of Christ himself. Moreover, it is the perfect incarnation of Jesus.

The Bible also represents the unicorn as a symbol of grace and purity, that is why it associated with Christlikenness. Indeed, its majestic look makes it so magnificent that many believers refers to it as a representation of Jesus. For many people, it is also a symbol of hope.

Bible verses referring to unicorns

unicorns represents in the bible

As we already mentioned before, there are scriptures that talk about the unicorns. Here are some of the most famous bible verses about this creature.

  • Number 24 : 8 "God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn: he shall eat up  the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through his arrows."
  • Psalm 22 : 21 "Save me from the lion's mouth, for thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns".
  •  Isaiah 34 : 7 "And the unicorns shall come down with them, and bullocks with the bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness".

Unicorn and the Virgin Mary

unicorn represents in the bible

Some Christian myths reveal that unicorns were divine beast with amazing capabilities. It is said that this legendary animal approached the Virgin Mary herself that undergone to the unique process that let her being impregnated. This is a way to say that this creature is an incarnation of Christ.

This reference can also be seen by the stories of virgin that can attract a unicorn. According to ancient legends, the animal can not resist to nap on a pure (virgin) woman's lap, just near to the womb.

Unicorn representations through history

unicorn represents in history

During the Middle Ages, people used to believe that unicorns are impossible to tame. Even if someone has a chance to see one in the woods, he will not be able to get closer to it. This creature is so pure that only a virgin woman under a tree can attract one. In this case, it can possibly lay down on her lap. That is why unicorns represent purity.

Symbol of freedom

Because of its power and unique capabilities, such as moving really fast or even flying, the unicorn can wander everywhere. Legends even state that this magical being is able to ride the rainbow. This is the main reason people often refer to unicorns as the symbol of freedom. It cannot be tamed like horses or other animals because of its might.

Healing horse-like animal

what do unicorn symbolize

Ancient stories state that the horn of unicorns holds its power. Their horns are depicted as being straight and spiral. Touching these will grant instant healing to anyone, even for a man who is severely wounded. Wealthy people during the renaissance period also consider that it can extend their lifespan and enhance their physical abilities.

Perfect balance and positivity

Unicorns were also present in cultures all over the World in Asia and even in Africa. Even if the physical description of this magical animal can be a little different depending on the country, the representations were quite similar. Yes, these beings were related to positivity in most of the stories. Asian people tend to think of it as the sign of perfect balance between logic and emotions.

Significations of the color of unicorns : what does it reveal ?

what do unicorn color represents

In movies and other animations, unicorns are always depicted as a white horse-like animal which has a unique horn on the forehead. However, this animal can have many shades and each tone has different meaning.

White unicorns representation

This version of unicorn is certainly the most famous one. As you may already know, the white color is always associated with purity and innocence. White unicorns are depicted to be the purest animal. They also convey majestic aura, that is why many people are looking for a way to meet one someday.

Rainbow unicorns meaning

rainbow unicorn symbolism

You have certainly seen rainbow unicorns once in your lifetime, whether it is on children animations or in books. The meaning of this color is happiness and joy. Indeed, the various shades such as red, purple, yellow convey a certain emotion of delight. It is not a coincidence why this version is mostly seen in cartoons.

Black unicorns symbolism

Even if black unicorns are not as popular as white ones, this version remains one of the most captivating. The dark color is not always a negative connotation because people believe that this shade is a mark of great might and pride. This is a fearless animal that is unmatchable.

Blue unicorns portrayal

blue unicorn meaning

This type of unicorn is so unique that we rarely get a chance to see it in arts. Although it is a rare version, it symbolizes perfect harmony. Some people even consider it as a representation of faithfulness. So, if you ever meet one, you are certainly one the luckiest people on earth.

Purple unicorns depiction

Purple unicorns can be related to magics and majestic look. Yes, this color has always been considered as the royal's shade. It conveys greatness, pride and power. Besides, it is a representation of treasures. Only the most fortunate people can get to see a purple unicorn in their lifetime. So, if you ever encouter one, this might a sign that you come from a noble or royal family.

What is the spiritual meaning of unicorns ?

unicorn spiritual representation

Unicorns are so captivating that it is almost normal to link these with spiritual meaning. They are associated with fantasy ideas which you need to know.

What do unicorns represent in astrology ?

Unicorns are seen in Celtic astrology as the spiritual animal for those who are born between the date July 8 and August 4. People who celebrate their birthdays during this period are considered as natural healers and nurturers. They are mostly loyal to all their mates and trustful too.

These people are genuine leaders and are considered to having great skills at persuading others. At the same time, they are confident and are not afraid to face challenges. They are patient and can solve any problems.

Unicorn animal symbols

unicorn symbol

In asian mythology, unicorns are called "Qilin". They are praise by Chinese and Japanese as a wonderful beast with unique capabilities. Seeing one was considered as a sign of the birth of a great ruler. Stories say that the mother of Confucius saw one before he gave birht to her son, one the greatest prophet for Chinese.

It seems that unicorns only appear to the wise ones or those linked with great destiny. Feng Shui practitioners always regard this animal as a sign a symbol of kindness, wisdom and longevity. They believe that unicorn is the protector of the Forest and can not harm anybody. When it walks in the woods, it does not crush the grass or any living animal because it is their guardian.

Following a unicorn meaning

what unicorn represents

It is possible for everyone to have a vision about following a unicorn but only few knows what does it represent. This kind of vision may a be sign that you want something greater to happen in your life. It can be an ambition to achieve an idealistic goal in your life or in your family. You are on the path of seeking something great.

If you ever have such a vision, you need to identify certain areas in your life that has become too mundane. There can be an issue in your life and you do not really know how to handle it. You can also feel bored and want to add some magics in your daily routine. If that is the case, try to find a creative hobby to satisfy you.

What a unicorn symbolizes in dreams ?

If you ever dream about seeing a unicorn, it can be a sign of a future event. For example, this animal represent good fortune in many representations. In other words, whoever have the chance to meet one, even in vision has a great destiny. There are even people who think of it as the greatest symbol of luck.

Wealth and prosperity

In other circumstances, unicorns symbolize prosperity. That is why many have tried to encounter one by any means. Although it is almost impossible to capture one, those who wish to have financial development or monetary success sought about finding this animal. There can be many societies that put the name "unicorn" in their enterprise to attract wealth.

Unicorns represent faithfulness

unicorn symbolism in dreams

Unicorn meaning in dreams can also be a reflection of faithfulness in a relationship. If you ever see this animal even when you sleep, do not neglect it. This can be a sign that your relation with someone is going to reach a whole new level. It can also be a sign of new beginnings in your life. So, pay close attention to the details of your vision.

Companionship and guidance

Seeing unicorns walking near you in a dream signifies that you are being guided by this magical creature. In other words, your life may be moving into something greater and much better that you ever imagined. This might also be a remembrance that you have been through difficult times and always managed to get out of any situations you faced.

Riding a unicorn in dreams representation

Those who are fortunate to ride a unicorn in their vision can feel a great comfort and assurance. It means that even if you are going through a difficult period, you will be able to overcome obstacles ahead. This animal is supporting you to conquer and become a winner in any situations. You will be able to achieve wonders in your life and succeed.

How to become a unicorn ?

unicorn clothes collection

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