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What colors are Unicorns ?

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Unicorns are certainly among the most beautiful and mysterious creatures. They are hailed to possess magical powers and incredible abilities unlike normal beings. However, there are many debates about a unicorn's appearance. Some people believe that they are horse-like animal and others think that their look resembles a lot to a goat or giraffe. But, what colors are unicorn ? In this article, we are going to discuss about unicorn's color and other marvelous facts about this mythical animal. Without further ado, let's get into the main points.

What colors are real unicorns ?

what colors are unicorn

There are many stories of unicorns all around the world. These tales state that that unicorns are a kind of divine beast with supernatural powers. Besides, people used to link these creatures to luck and fortunes. Only those who have a great destiny can encounter one. Some legends also state that these mystical creatures are attracted to purity. A virgin woman near a tree can attract a unicorn because of her beauty and innocence, according to european myths and legends.

That is to say that only a handful of people had the opportunity to see unicorns. By the way, there are many depictions about these animals and how they really look like. Do they have a long and spiral horn ? Are they a special specimen of horse ? Can they fly as it is mentioned in many tales ? And there are many people who argue about the real colors of unicorns.

Most of the images and representations of unicorns we see in movies, animations, tapestries, novels show that these creatures look like a white horse. Of course, their horn is pointed, large and holds all their power. White unicorns are meant to be a perfect representation of grace and purity. They remain the most popular version of this animal and considered to be powerful enough to cure any disease.

Back in the Renaissance period, people believed that anyone who get in touch with a unicorn can be cured from any disease instantly. They also considered that the white unicorn are much likely capable of granting energy life to anyone on the verge of the death. If the latter holds a unicorn's horn in his hands, he will regain all his physical strength and be healed at the same time.

Unicorns can also grant the power to fly to anyone, according to some legends, they have amazing capabilities and their magics can be used by men. That is why most of the wizards are constantly looking for a way to encounter a unicorn. For them, that will be an accomplishment because their magical skills will improve.

Are all unicorns white ?

cute white unicorn

That's a good question. Even if unicorns are mostly seen as white horse-like creature, their colors can be different. Indeed, they can be as any color such as golden, silver, or black. In cartoons, we can find unicorns with pretty pink colors.

Golden unicorns are often considered to be majestic beings. They are hailed to possess amazing powers. Those who are lucky enough to encounter them in the forest will have a great destiny. Yes, legends say that these people will most likely succeed in their life, attract fortunes and wealth. This is why the nobles of the Antiquity were desperately searching for unicorns because they wanted to gain more money.

blue unicorn

Silver unicorns are not as popular as white unicorns. However, these are powerful and rare. According to ancient unicorn drawings, they are quite slim and beautiful, with a pointed horn and dark eyes. They can match white ones in many fields such as healing power, stamina, physical strength.

Blue and green unicorns are also popular among children. They are seen in almost any cartoons or animations for kids. For that reason, these are depicted to be able to fly and soar up in the skies. Some of them even have wings. They are also shiny and beautiful. 

What about black unicorns ?

black unicorn

Black unicorns are among the rarest unicorn specimen. They are rebel against the vision of traditional white unicorns that everyone is familiar with. Black unicorns are like the ancestors of today's modern unicorns. For many people, they represent many different things according to legends.

This type of unicorn is depicted to have an all black body. Despite its color, it remains beautiful with his large and pointed horn. These unicorns have dark eyes that can see in the night, that is why they are sometimes standing in the shadow of rocks or trees. They are also considered to be fast and strong which make them incredibly hard to encounter.

Legends state that black unicorns are taller than white ones and have spindly legs. They can eventually outstrip their mates. Even if people think that such an animal may be menacing, that's not the case. These are shadowy equines, shy and delicate. They can glimmer in the dark night and have breathtaking appearance.

black and white unicorns

The Greek Mythology state that all unicorns are black from the beginning. But lately, this conception changed and people used to think that most of the unicorns are white. It is good to know that ancient societies considered that black unicorns are a symbol of good fortune. At that time, they did nod have bad connotations.

Black unicorns are also connected with power and freedom. For many, these animal bring prosperity and luck. This is one of the reasons why the expression "black unicorn" is often used to refer to someone who succeeded in his life,  a man who "has everything". In other words, this would anyone who has a great look, great job, and great personality as well.

Why unicorns are associated with the rainbow ?

unicorns raisbow

In cartoons and movies, unicorns are always linked with the rainbow, but why ? We must at least admit that they make a really cute pair. However, it will be interesting to know the real connections between this animal and the colors of the rainbow.

The modern representations of unicorns often show a unicorn with a mane and tail that have the colors of the rainbow. The horn is also flashy and beautiful, with a multiple nuances like blue, green, purple, yellow, pink... Contemporary stories always mention that unicorns can walk in the rainbow and reach its end.

Unicorns and rainbow have many similar traits. Indeed, both of them are beautiful and rare, so it is almost natural to link them. They also carry an aura of magic and highly elusive. Yes, unicorns only appear for a short period of time to those who are lucky enough to meet them, so is the rainbow. At the same time, they always vanish when we are getting closer to them.

If there is a place where unicorns have a get together, that will certainly be at the place where the rainbow touches the ground. These mystical animals will really enjoy meeting with their mates in such a wonderful place. All we can say is that unicorns and rainbows have a mysterious power to brighten our day. Yes, they both give us a taste of what a perfect and beautiful world will be.

The thing unicorns and rainbows are connected with is always the concept of perfection. There is popular phrase "It's all rainbows and unicorns" that points out a situation where everything goes well. It means that nothing wrong is going to happen, and you are living in a fairy tale.

How to add colors in a unicorn's drawing ?

unicorn drawing

First, you need to make your own unicorn drawing before adding colors. Gather all the things you need, like a white paper, pencils, watercolor pencils. Once you have everything you need to begin your art, you can now realize your drawing. If you do not have all the necessary stuff on your disposal, you can buy these on an art supplier.

Draw the head by making a big curve to have the cheek. Then, create another curve to get the entire head. After that, add the eye by making in a little circle inside. When you have done that step, you can now draw the horn of your unicorn. At this point, you should be able to put the mane as well. For the body, make sure that you create curves similar to a horse and add the tail.

Of course, you can use any color you want for your drawing. Do not hesitate to put purple, orange, red, blue, yellow... to get an animated and fancy result. Remember that the main purpose of adding colors is to have a livelier drawing. It will also create a fairy tale aspect which is associated with this beautiful animal.

unicorn pictures collection

For the tail and the mane, it will more suitable to use the rainbow's color. This way, you will get a shiny shade cause unicorns are joyful creatures. Moreover, it will make it much prettier as well. For the hooves, you can use yellow or brown colors by adding a mixing of watercolor pencils. Those who want to create a more realistic drawing can color the horn using black nuance. The mane and the tail of the unicorn can also be colored the same way.

In case you are not really into drawing a unicorn, you can always buy unicorn pictures. We have many models to give you a plenty of choice. There are realistic unicorn pictures that can be used to decorate your desk or your room. Children will be found of getting cute unicorn pictures.

How to become a unicorn ?

become a unicorn

People always want to get in touch with unicorns. These marvelous creatures are so beautiful that it is so easy to envy them. Theie majestic look and incredible abilities place them at the top of any other living animals. What else ? They remain powerful and hailed to possess enormous physical strength and healing powers too.

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