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How to draw a unicorn ?

How to draw a unicorn ?

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Before to put yourself in the skin of a Unicorn, you probably should know how to draw one. As you may know already, Unicorns are among the most mystical creatures ever. Some claim that these are just legends, but others believe in their existence. Indeed, it might be difficult to prove the fact that these amazing being once populated the earth. If you ever want to get one for yourself and wonder how to draw a unicorn, don't worry, it is not as hard as it might be. We would want to help you, so let us guide you step by step and learn to draw it.

unicorn drawing on a cloud

What materials do you need to draw a unicorn ?

Before getting into the unicorn drawings, you definitely should have the materials needed. For example, it will be interesting to have some quality pencils. These will be very useful if you want to have the best result. Of course, you will need a scratch book (or a sketchbook) to create a masterpiece. There are many variants in the market in which you can choose.

An eraser would be useful because, it is needed to correct and adjust your unicorn drawing. You can opt for a rubber eraser or a gum erasure if you want to. A good pencil sharpener is an indispensable tool in order to get more details and precision. At last, do not forget to grab some quality colored pencils.

drawing materials and pencils

For an amateur who just want to have fun, you might not need professional tools to create your unicorn drawing. Just grab a white paper, it can be as large as you want. Do not forget a black marker or  a pencil because it will be your main instrument. You will also need some watercolor paints in order to put fancy colors on your creation.

How to draw the head of a unicorn ?

This article is comparable to these tutorials that should help beginners for drawing a unicorn. The first thing you have to do is to make a circle. Inside this circle, create a smaller one and another one in the bottom. Then, color the big circle in black and let the little ones remain white. This will create a shiny eye effect of your unicorn. To draw the forehead, make a little curve at the left of the "eye" you just made. Come down and turn into a "G shape" to get a nose. After that, make another curve that comes for the cheek.

unicorn head pink

Draw a side way shape to have the ear of your unicorn and do not forget to put a little curve inside. You can create an "S line" from the ear and make a curve back to eat to have the "hair effect". Put the other ear behind it for a more realistic result. You would notice that the face seem pretty similar to a horse. In order to have a horn, just put a "A line" from the forehead and try to male it fit in the head.

If you want to add a little texture to your drawing, put some lines inside the horn. That's it, you now have your unicorn's head, but you still need to create the body ? Hold on unto the following step.

How to draw the body of a unicorn ?

Once you finished drawing the unicorn's head, you can now start by making the neckline. While you are doing it, add the mane to get a better result. It should look pretty already. Do not forget to put more details on the mane.

Furthermore, you are now able to draw the pair of your unicorn's legs. Just make a curve down then draw up to get a satisfying result. When you got it, draw the back and the belly. Try to make the size coherent with the leg. You can now draw the other pair of legs at the back.

unicorn drawing on a rainbow

Do not forget to create the hooves of your drawing. Such a legendary animal is said to have similar trait to a horse. And finally, create the unicorn's tail to finish the body. As for the mane, put some curves inside the tail to make it more realistic.

It is possible to add some background effects on your unicorn's drawing. For example, you can create some shiny stars, rainbow, little hearts to avoid empty places on your paper. Thus, your creation will be more animated. These details can really improve the quality of your drawing.

How to draw a unicorn for kids ?

Children can indeed have some difficulties creating a unicorn the right way if the have a low drawing skills. Fortunately, they can create a cute draw of their favorite animal and learn how to draw it by following these simple steps.

unicorn black and white drawing

First, your child should start by making a simple head. Once it is done, just add the nose and neck line. Draw the outside edge of the unicorn's horn above and add some diagonal lines inside. After that, draw the ears on each side of the horn.  Now, you can start the mane and do not forget to put some details inside.

You have to draw the face by adding close eyes, cheeks and a cute smile. You can also put some heart backgrounds if you want to. Then, you are free to paint and color it with multicolor pencils. We recommend you to use the rainbow's color on the mane or the horn to make the drawing more realistic.

Yes, it is as simple as that. You might have noticed that it is much more easy if you just have to draw a unicorn's head. Of course, this method is suitable for kids, but experienced artist would appreciate making a complete unicorn drawing.

unicorn drawing for kids

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How to add some colors on a unicorn's drawing ?

You are free to use as many colors as you want. For example, you can add blue, red, yellow, purple, orange or whatever you like. Just remember that the purpose of putting colors is to get an animated unicorn at the end of the drawing. Plus, it will bring some fairy tale atmosphere because fancy colors are often associated with amazing stories of mystical creatures.

We recommend you to use the rainbow's color for the mane and the tail. That will give a shiny aspect to your creation. These fancy colors will also make your unicorn livelier and pretty as well. Use the same color for the hooves and the horn. For example, you can make them yellow or brown. You can even add a blending or mixing watercolour pencils on these parts.

For a better result, we recommend you to go to an art suplies in order to find coloring materials for artists. There, you would be able to get watercolors pencils and crayons or even prismacolor instrument (chalk, caryola, acrylic markers). You might also need graphite or charcoal material to make beautiful textures and shading.

unicorn drawing with colors

You are free to use pastel color, water color or even pencils and pen color to finish your drawing. It is just a matter of preference. While you are coloring, try to add more magic effects on the background. For example, it is possible for you to draw a big cloud and give the impression that the unicorn is standing on it. Putting a rainbow is also a great idea to have a shiny aspect.


How to draw a unicorn's sketch for professional ?

If you ever wonder how to draw unicorn for professional, we would be glad to help you out. Of course, you would need professional equipment in order to do so, such as a powerful PC and a software design (photoshop). These will give you the possibility to create realistic unicorn drawing.

In case you are not unto digital drawing, you can create a masterpiece on canvas and use classic instruments. That include brushes, palette, pigment, ink to have darker tones and more variants of shade. Naturally, you can use assorted water soluble pencils for your sketches. Always remember that the strokes and the edges of your creation must be precised for a realistic touch.

professionnal drawing unicorn

The first thing you have to do is to make the sketch position of your drawing. Begin by tracing the oval for the chest. Do not worry, it does not need to be perfect. Then, draw the ramp and make sure that its distance and its size will define the real shape of your unicorn. This magical animal look pretty similar to a horse, so your drawing should be similar to a real horse with a horn.

The next step is to make the head and neck. Just create a "A line" starting from the oval to the left. After that, put the legs as if the unicorn is standing. You are free to choose the pose that you like the most. If you hesitate, you can get some inspiration by looking at a horse's pictures. The final step of the sketch is adding the tail. Now that you have a reference, you are able to draw a realistic version of unicorns.

How to draw realistic unicorn for professional ?

You have to add the shapes characteristics which are similar to a horse to create your unicorn. Draw the muzzle and the head. Thus, connect these two parts with lines and create ears right on the top of the head. Do not forget to add the eye and all the little details in it.

head unicorn professionnal drawing

At the same time, you can draw the hooves and try to adjust the angle or direction of the legs. The hooves of this mysterious animal can be slightly bigger than horses' hooves or deer's hooves. Once you finish these, add the heels and the wrists of your unicorn's drawing. Remember to make the bones visible in this area as for a real horse.

Now, create the body parts of your sketching, the arm and the thigh. You should be able to connect these to the legs by adding gentle lines. Before drawing the neck, it would be better to create guide lines. These can be used as references to make the back of the animal's shoulder blade and the neck's width. You are now able to finish all the outlines of the body.

realistic unicorn drawing

How to draw the horn and the details of realistic unicorn drawing ?

Some people worry about making the unicorn's horn because they consider it to be difficult. But for you, we are going to help you make it perfectly within some technics. The formula starts by defining its length and the direction with a simple line. Cross it by adding little diagonal lines and make sure to skewing more and more as you get closer to the forehead. Make copies of these diagonal lines after. Then, connect all the lines with arcs and draw some concave ones between.

Next, begin by putting the famous mane of your unicorn. You just need to add beautiful hairs on its neck, tail and even close to its hooves. Your drawing may look dirty at the moment, but do not worry, it is normal right now. Create a new lawyer on you PC (or Mac because you are drawing digtally). Now, scan the drawing and print to your sketch. Draw all the most important lines intensely with a marker and put a white paper before. Normally, your drawing should appear and trace it with a pencil drawing and draw on directly on the white paper.

details unicorn drawing

When you got the paper version of your drawing, you can now add all the details required for a realistic unicorn. At last, create the furs and the mane here and there. The eye, the muzzle and the muscle can also be made right now. Even it might be difficult, you can be proud of you because you created a fabulous unicorn drawing all by yourself.

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