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unicorn fly

Can unicorns fly ?

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Unicorn has always been the center of attention throughout the years. Many tales and stories refer to a horse-like animal with a horn on its forehead. From the Middle Ages until now, it is hailed to possess amazing abilities such as healing power or out speeding any animal alive. But have you ever wondered: Can unicorns fly ? As we are passionate about this wonderful creature, we made researches in order to dig into the subject. Let us give you some of the most amazing facts about unicorn.

What is a unicorn ?


The perception of unicorn is not the same depending on the period and the country. During the medieval period in Europe, this amazing animal was more like a goat than a horse-like being. Indeed, it has a goat's beard, split hooves, blue eyes and a single horn on its forehead. However, this description changed over time because people believed that a unicorn resemble a lot to a horse and has many virtues.

Nowadays, this legendary beast is known to be a beautiful animal which venture in the deep forest. Its mane remains soft and colorful. Some stories even state that the mane and the tail of a unicorn reflect the colors of the rainbow. Depending on the age of this creature, the horn is either short or long. When a unicorn become an adult, its horn becomes large and pointed. It will have a spiral shape projecting from the forehead.

The Chinese mythology also mention the existence of the Qilin. This is the Asian version of the unicorn and have similar characteristics with unicorns depicted in ancient Europe. This hybrid animal has a unique horn and the body of a deer. During the Ming Dynasty, this wonderful animal was associated with giraffes because they have similar look.

Although the unicorn is much stronger than normal horses, this mystic creature remains shy. Only a few people claimed to have an encounter with it. The unicorn can hide in the woods, so it is almost impossible to have real sightings of unicorns. According to some tales, only a pure heart can have a chance to stand close to it. The beauty, purity and innocence of this person attract a unicorn.

Does a unicorn possess wings ?

can unicorn fly ?

If we refer to many unicorn's drawings we can find today, most of these representations show a winged unicorn. Some drawings even represent a colorful description of this beautiful animal. This horned majestic horse can fly with its wings, according to different stories. Its magical abilities allow it to soar up and move extremely fast in the air.

It is good to know that winged unicorn have always been depicted in art as having wings and a white coat. That is why you can find drawings of unicorn which are closely related to the rainbow. The mane and the tail are shinning with different nuances such as red, yellow, purple, blue...

Other stories say that anyone who manages to get a unicorn's horn can actually use it to fly. Yes, the unicorn's horn will grant the power to soar up in the sky to the one who holds it. That is one of the reasons why people always wanted to get it and use it for themselves. But, a unicorn is not a normal animal. It is impossible to tame it or to have it as a pet for ordinary people.

Nordic legends tell about a special horse called Sleipnir. This one has the ability to fly, although it does not have wings. It can run on the air and Odin really appreciated this magical animal. This powerful god had it as a pet and did not hesitate to use its great potential to travel around.

How do we call a flying unicorn ?

unicorn pegasus

A flying unicorn is often called "Alicorn" in some countries. This is clearly a representation of a horse-like animal with a horn and wings. It is one of the most appreciated being among magical creatures because of its magnificence and beauty.

The Alicorn made its first appearance in Mesopotamia, during the ancient Assyrians empire. It is said that in the Sumeran pantheon, they were a winged twin horse which had a unique horn. These represented fertility and good. Their names were Unisis and Cerapter in Greek language.

Depending on the country, the name of a flying unicorn can differ. There are some people who call this mythical animal a "Pegacorn". This is the name that the Neo Greek society has given to it. People back then consider that this specimen is certainly one of the most powerful living creature on earth. They believed that it is even stronger than a werewolf.

In the modern world, there are many people who simply choose to call a flying unicorn a "winged unicorn". However, it is different from a hippogriff. This is one is more like a hybrid of a eagle and a horse. It has wings and can fly fast to travel around.

Is Pegasus a unicorn ?

pegasus unicorn

Pegasus is the legendary horse with wings mentioned in Greek Mythology. This animal is certainly the fastest horse at that time and can soar up in the air within no time. It can travel through the space between the gods' territory and the earth. In other words, it can easily go to Olympia and come back to the mortal world. Zeus favored this animal and some gods could run on its back.

Legends say that Pegasus is a different unicorn specie. In fact, it has similar traits and powers with the famous horse-like beings with horn. For example, Pegasus can easily out speed any animal on earth and has the power to disappear if it wants to. The infamous hero Hercules needed its help to finish almost all his heroic acts. However, some people do not approve this speculation. They believe that Pegasus was a divine beast and is slightly different from a unicorn.

There are other stories of a flying unicorn named Randy. This one was favored by a god called Lawn Morria. The latter ordered Randy to go into a Carnival place to find a special cotton candy. The task was quite difficult to accomplish. Even so, this unicorn managed to get the cotton candy and the god granted him the power to fly after the mission. In fact, Randy was one of the first flying unicorn.

What about Alicorn babies ?

alicorn babies

Some stories reveal that Pegasus is able to breed with unicorns. Their offsprings usually take on all the characteristics of their parents. They have wings and horn. people can call these "Pegacorn" or "Unicus".

When a alicorn is still a baby, its wings tend to be too small. In fact, this mysterious animal can not fly until it grows up older. At a young age, the wings are not strong enough to support their height even if they can usually out space their body. The horn is small as well, and it is impossible for them to perform magics.

For some time, the alicorn does not develop the ability to soar up in the air because of their fluffy appendages. In other words, their wings must be large and strong enough. This process requires a long time of growing and this animal has to gain muscle's strength in order to fly someday.

The alicorn can practice with unicorns by running with them and trying to beat their breast muscles. When it is trying to take to the air, it tends to be uncoordinated and clumsy for weeks. However, it will quickly learn how to fly like the adults.

Remember that alicorns eat the same food as unicorns. They are really fond of rainbows and can get close to it. Unlike their non-winged cousins, they can fly to nibble on the rainbow. They are capable of getting on the crest, which is considered as the juiciest and sweetest part.

What are the magical powers of flying unicorns ?

unicorn magical power

Unicorns are praised to have magical powers. Stories state that all their virtues come from their horn. It is said that anyone on the verge of death holding a unicorn's horn can regain life energy. Moreover, it can cure every disease. Meeting a unicorn also means good luck because such an animal attract fortunes and wealth too.

In the wizard world, there are many references of unicorn as a wonderful beast. J.K Rowling mentioned in her various creations that this animal can increase magic powers. We can take as an example the "Forbidden Forest adventure". Harry Potter and his friends, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy were ordered to look for a unicorn. This task was given by Hagrid because they wanted to improve their magic skills. Unicorn is known to enhance anyone's physical and magical powers.

Flying unicorns are most likely one of the most courageous animal out there. They can help powerful heroes to achieve their quest and accomplish great things. For example, Greek mythology stated that this animal specie was always by the side of Hercules. The latter used its power to travel and soar up in the sky really fast.

The alicorns are capable of great magics. They can enhance the mystical and physical powers of any wizards. That is why these beings are praised for their capacity to counter spells. Yes, their supernatural abilities make them famous in every fantastic books and fiction stories.

How to draw a flying unicorn easily ?

flying unicorn drawing

First, draw a circle and this will form the unicorn's head. After that, you need to draw a little curved line which pass through the precedent circle. You have a creat an other curved line close to its tip to get the snout. Draw a bigger curved line meeting the previous lines and passing through the big circle. That will be the jaw of your unicorn.

Right below the head, create a big oval. It will serve as the body of the unicorn. Now, try to connect the body and the head by creating a curved line. On the back, make an extension of a line. Then, you can draw the ears by making some curved lines upward and from the head. You must allow them to meet in order to get a rounded point. Draw a zigzag within the ears to indicate the presence of fur there.

At this point, you can erase all the guide lines and draw the legs. Each leg will be created by drawing two long and curved lines. You have to join them at the end. At the bottom of the lines, draw curved line to have the hooves and create a triangle to represent the split in the hooves. Thus, draw long curved lines to have the mane and allow all of them to meet and have sharp points. To create the horn, extend a straight line from the forehead. Then make a series of curved and connected lines to have the spiral pattern in the horn.

And finally, draw two long and big curves from the the back to have the wings. Make another series of "U" lines in order to form the wings' pattern. You can add some feathery details to the wings. To draw the tail, use two curved lines meeting at some point. Create several lines inside to have a hair effect. To accomplish your flying unicorn drawing, draw the eyes and add colors.

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