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Are unicorns real ?

Are unicorns real ?

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Unicorn is a mythical animal which is described to have similar traits with a horse, and has a unique horn on its forehead. This magical being remains famous for its many stories, like having a special healing power or increasing someone's physical strength. Do you wonder if this fabulous creature really existed or just legend ? This article will give you more information about.

What is a unicorn exactly ?

Mysterious unicorn

As you may already know, unicorn is a legendary beast and described to have a single horn. Its horns is pointed, large and have spiral projecting from its forehead. The body of this creature has many similar traits with a horse.

Many writers like Strabo, Pliny and even the Indus Valley Civilization referred to this animal as a wonderful being. The European folklore state that a unicorn is a goat-like being with cloven hooves, single horn and even a goat's beard. Some stories describe it as a beautiful and woodland animal which ventures in the deep forest. It is almost impossible to capture one, and only a pure person like a virgin could stand close to it.

The horn of a unicorn holds its power. Many people of the Renaissance period believed that it can cure many diseases. Someone who is on the verge of death can regain all of his physical strength by holding a unicorn's horn. It also has the ability to detect poison.

Legends say that unicorns can render themselves, making them invisible to natural human eyes. In that state, they are only visible by few men if they want to. This incredible ability make them almost impossible to detect for curious persons.

Where does the legends of unicorns come from ?

Real unicorn sightings

According to stories, there are many real unicorn sightings throughout the world. Indeed, people in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East reported to have seen this beautiful single-horned animal. In the Lascaux Grotto, we can even find unicorn paintings, which are amongst the oldest human paintings of all time.

All of these sightings occurred in many parts of the earth. These were aknowledged by the early civilization from Greece, Mesopotamia, Crete, Indian Peninsula, China. As a result, there are many myths that state the existence of unicorn. All we can say is that many tales about a single-horned animal like horse were spread throughout the entire world during different periods of time.

Science has no evidence about the existence of unicorns. This mysterious, yet beautiful animal remains a great source of inspiration for many movies and films today.

Why are unicorns involved in wizarding world and fictional books?

Beautiful unicorn riding on the clouds at night

Unicorns are fantastic beasts, that's the main reason why they are always related in sorcerer's world. Indeed, alicorn can be the main ingredient of creating potion, casting spells in witchcraft. This is not a secret for all harry potter fans (the pottermore world) and those who are interested in wizardry universe.

This mythological being is really important for wizards, witches and even muggles. Unicorns can indeed, increase the supernatural power of someone in the ministry of magic. Some of them can use unicorn's hooves to create dark arts, but some choose to use it in order to increase their strength.

There are many references of unicorn that can be found in some of the most famous harry potter books. For example, there are various representations of its power in the series like "Deathly hallows", "The Chamber of secrets", "The prisoner of Azkaban". We can also mention other master pieces like "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince", "The Goblet of fire" or "The Philosopher's stone".

If we have to refer on these books, the professors like Albus Wembledore, McGonagall, Umbridge and even Remus Lupin were all interested in getting in touch with unicorns. These powerful wizards are always equipped with their wands and skilled in teaching sorcellery and magics. Despite their fame, it seems like that finding a unicorn remains a great achievement for them.

Why is a unicorn so trendy ?

Unicorn at moonlight

A Greek physician from Cnidus named Ctésias was one of the first person to mention the therapeutic power of a unicorn. This man flourished in the fifth century BC and believed that the unicorn was a wild end gentle animal with a horn on its forehead. He told that the horn of this strange creature can neutralize all kind of poisons. At the same time, he declared that it will also afford protection against epilepsy and convulsions.

During the Middle Ages and the Roman Empire, people believe that such a treatment can cure plague, fevers, and bites from snakes. Some legends even stated that touching a unicorn's horn can grant instant healing from poisonous wound.

During the Rennaissance period and the Middle Ages, unicorns have always been the center of human attention. As for now, there are many societies which branded their product by using unicorn as a name.

What are the most interesting facts about unicorns ?

Magnificent unicorn at night

Although the ancient stories of unicorn describe it as a multicolored and gentle beast, this amazing being can be of any color. For example, it can turn into brown, jet-black or even in a dazzling gold. Some stories also tell that a unicorn is closely related with the rainbow and its mane has various nuances.

Unicorns have magical power, that is one of the reason why these are so mythical. Most of the people think that these beings hold tremendous ability. Their horns hold all of their virtues. Even the poop of a unicorn can be used to increase the power of charms.

Unicorn's horn can also be called "alicorn". It is regarded to be powerful and magical. For example, it is considered to have the power to reveal the truth. If the alicorn pierces someone's heart, it will reveal all the lies hiding inside.

According to Jewish myths, unicorn has supreme strength among all animals. Even if it is peaceful, stories said that it can defeat almost every animal. And if someone manage to capture one in the Forest or anywhere else, the latter can not tame it.

That's not all, unicorn is also regarded to be the personification of innocence and purity. An ancient legend mention that only a virgin sitting under a big tree can attract a unicorn to herself. Seeing her pureness and beauty, this wonderful animal will come close and lay down next to the woman.

How do we describe unicorns ?

Beautiful unicorn in the Forbidden Forest

There are many sources in which we can reflect to know more about unicorn. To give you information about these marvelous creatures, let us dig into some tales and books.

Unicorn in the Harry Potter series

Unicorns are introduced in Harry Potter's world, fantastic stories created by JK Rowling. Harry Potter is an apprentice wizard who is always equipped with his wand. He and his friends Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy were looking for a unicorn in the Forbidden Forest. Despite being students at the Hogwarts Institute, they had struggles finding it.

Even if a unicorn is said to be really difficult to catch, the same book tells us that lord Voldemort was able to get one. This cursed wizard is among the death eaters (as well as Severus Snape) and use the unicorn's magic to get much more physical endurance.

Unicorns in the art and archeology

Unicorns are present in many variants of art such as ancient drawings or status. For example, there is a floor mosaic of this beautiful creature found in the Basilica of Saint Giovanni at Revanna. It dated from the year 1213.

Other unicorn representations can be found in the Chinese culture. There are a bunch of One-horned beasts made from Ceramic from Northern-Wei. Historians say that these dated around 386-534. Porcelain Qilin (chinese version of a unicorn) can also be found in many parts of China as illustrations.

Unicorns in the gaming universe

A princess and a unicorn

 We can also see many representations of unicorns in the gaming universe. Recently, a game named "The Unicorn Princess" was launched on various consoles (PS4, Nintendo Switch). It is a fantaisy world where you can customize the main character and explore a vast open world.

You can choose many horses and unicorns to venture in the real world and the world of dreams. This exploration game is suitable for both children and adults who want to take a ride on a unicorn's back.

What are the different forms of unicorns ?

Throughout the years and depending on the place, there can be many variants of unicorns. The legends and myths of this being are all different, depending on the culture and the tradition of the people.

Unicorns mentioned in the Bible

Unicorn rose magic

Religious texts in the Christian and Hebrew world also mention unicorn. In fact, it is called "re'em" in the Hebrew Bible and over versions call it "oryx". Later, the King James version calls it "unicorn".

In Job 39: 9-12 " Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib? Canst thou bid the unicorn with his band in the furrow? Or will he harrows the valleys after thee? Will thou trust him because his strength is great?  Or will thou leave thy labour to him ? Will thou believe him, that he will bring home thy seed? And gather it into thy barn?"

Unicorns in Asian legends

In the Japanese folklore, there are many tales referring to the "Kirin" or "Qilin" or "Chi-Lin". In modern rendition, this strange animal is considered to be a unicorn. It is indeed a hooved and chimerical creature that is also present in ancient chinese culture.

In the Buddhist depictions, Qilin refuses to walk normally upon grass because it can harm tiny creatures. Instead of going around on the earth, it chooses to walk upon the water or the clouds. Because these are considered to be very peaceful and divine being, their diets does not include flesh.

Unicorns in the Greek Mythology

Beautiful and magical unicorn

According to some legends, there are flying version of unicorn called "Pegasus". This strange animal can soar in the sky and the clouds. The Greek mythology stated it as a winged divine stallion that only the gods can handle. Only the infamous hero of that time, Hercules was able to take a ride on it and go around to achieve wonderful works.

Although the Ancient version of unicorn we find in the Greek mytholology seems pretty unique, it is also one the most famous version of this animal.

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